Young Guns Showdown Preview

May 26th, 2023

   Story courtesy of:  MIR


MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (May 26, 2023) – The Young Guns Showdown Battle of the Juniors in 2023 has undergone some major changes and is expected to be one of the largest Junior Dragster events ever at MIR! The Young Guns Showdown will be just that, a showdown of the Young Guns and the future of the drag racing world. This event is for the serious junior dragster racer as there will be plenty of money up for grabs and competition to challenge. The Young Guns Showdown will be for junior racers only with no other categories running. This will not be a points event.

Friday’s portion of the event will bring early bird testing for all junior racers from 10am to 5pm. Early bird testing is $60 but will also include the evening test and tune from 6pm to 11pm. Evening testing will be $40. Friday night will also include a $1,000 to win gamblers race starting at 8pm. Runner up will receive $400, Semifinalists will get $100, and $50 for those that make the quarters. This gamblers race will be for all drivers, regardless of ET and age. Gambler’s race is included with the evening testing tech card purchase.

Saturday’s event will bring a $5,000 to win opportunity for Junior Dragster racers! This will be the largest purse for a Junior event ever offered at MIR! Not only will Junior racers run for $5,000, but if they are also a WDRA member, they will also be racing for the new World Drag Racing Alliance (WDRA) trophy and additional awards from the WDRA! Runner Up will receive $1,000, $400 to the semis, $200 to the quarters, and $100 to those that make the eighths. There will be first and second round re-entry during the main event. The main event will have all drivers run together, regardless of ET and age. There will be one time trial at 10am with eliminations to begin right after the time trial.

There will be a second race on Saturday night with a more unique flair. This one-of-a-kind type of race has never been tried before at MIR and will bring a challenge to all racers who want to try. This is a “No Look” ET Race with no scoreboards, no time slips, just win lights. Drivers or parents will dial the car, and then send the Juniors down while they race by the seat of their pants. This makes it a complete driver’s race. Hit the tree, judge your opponent, drive the stripe, look for the win light. The winner will get $500, Runner-up $200, Semis $100, and Quarter $50.

Sunday will be the final day of the event with Junior racers fighting it out for $2,500 with the runner up getting $500, and payouts continuing back to the eighths. Sunday’s main event racers will also be racing for the new WDRA trophy and additional awards from the WDRA, but racers must be WDRA members to receive them.

Drivers will get one time trial on Saturday and one time trial on Sunday. Eliminations will begin immediately after the time trial. Double entries are NOT allowed, and racers are only permitted to race in one car. Racers must keep all safety equipment on and must always have their full body within the roll cage. Racers caught with their head out of the roll cage are subject to disqualification. WDRA, IHRA, and NHRA licenses will all be honored, and WDRA licenses will be available at MIR during the event. Drivers apart of the beginner program, ages 6-9, will run separate from the older kids in first and second round and will be combined with all ages starting with third round.

For more details and information, click on the printable even flyer below or CLICK HERE to visit the webpage.