Vacuum Truck Delivered

May 1st, 2023

   Story courtesy of:  MIR


MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (May 1, 2023) Ė MIR has received the delivery of the vacuum truck that was purchased in the off-season to enhance track operations. This new addition to MIRís already large inventory of equipment will aid in many ways including picking up the oil dry used in shutdown, track drying, track cleaning such as leaf removal, post event facility recovery, and more.

One of the primary purposes during racing operations will be to assist with the shutdown clean ups. This will be quicker than using the blowers and significantly reduce impact on any racers parked along the track in the shutdown area. This will also significantly help reduce the amount of residual dust that can occasionally be left after a shutdown area clean up, making this safer for our racers. The vacuum truck will also be able to assist with track drying by vacuuming up standing water and help with facility clean up after major race events. We appreciate the support of all the racers, fans, and sponsors in the MIR family and with your continued support we will continue to re-invest in the facility, equipment, and any other needs to make MIR the best it can be.