MIR SFI Training

March 8, 2023

   Story courtesy of:  MIR


MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (March 8, 2023) – Maryland International Raceway (MIR) continues to set Racer Safety first! On Saturday, March 4th, MIR held a SFI Training Program to train and certify Race Officials and EMT’s that you see many of the weekends at the track. After the training session, MIR now has 16 certified rescue providers for crash/fire incidents, with 11 of them are track officials.

This session was led by Sheila Howard, Director of Fire & Rescue, and former NHRA Safety Safari Veteran and MIR EMT Chad Hasselberger. The first 90 seconds can be critical in some incidents, and this training session has helped develop critical track officials with assisting the EMT Staff in a variety of ways while understanding more on the decisions that must be made in these critical moments.

The SFI Training Program started with a video and slide presentation to set the stage for the hands-on training. This presentation went over the “need to know” details such as where and how to cut a roll cage, types of fires that can be experienced, lifesaving procedures, things to expect, proper procedural steps in some worst-case scenarios and more.

The Hands-On Portion consisted of tool training and development. The staff was trained in using the Jaws of Life, Pry Bar, Fire Extinguishers, a variety of cutting tools, and more to be ready for many different situations. With this hands-on training, it continues to evolve the MIR staff, both Track Officials and EMT’s, to continue to understand what roles need to be taken when it comes to ensuring the safety of all drivers at MIR.

Drag Racing can sometimes be unpredictable, but many of the MIR Track Officials and all the EMT’s will be set and ready for anything to happen.