MIR Adds New T&T Category

December 15, 2022

   Story courtesy of:  MIR


MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (December 15th, 2022) Ė The racers have spoken, and MIR has listened! Maryland International Raceway (MIR) is proud to announce that a new testing category will come to our Friday night and Sunday Test & Tune events. MIR will be adding an All-Star Prep Category for racers looking for that fresh & killer radial prep. Racers that arrive at MIR for these events will have the option to purchase a $100 tech card for the All-Star category. With the purchase of this tech card, racers will receive a designated tech sticker for that category that day. This will allow them entry to the dedicated All-Star staging lanes when we call them to the lanes, and they will be the first group out on a fresh prepped racing surface. The track and starting line will be repaired if necessary and fully prepped with aggressive radial prep. This will be done directly in front of the first pair of All-Stars each session. The All-Star category is No-Time (N/T), Pro-Tree (P/T) that is open to all Drag Radial racecars (street radials are not allowed). Clocks will be set for 1/4-mile so both 1/8-mile and 1/4-mile cars can take advantage. If a racer has a locked-in race, we will accommodate them with 1/8-mile clocks upon request. The starting line will be heavily monitored and maintained throughout each session of the category. MIR will continue to have all other categories for testing and will also still prep before the start of the other N/T categories as needed. We canít wait to see everyone at MIR for 2023!

Below is the Test & Tune run order with lane assignments:

Test & Tune Lane Assignments

11.00 & Slower Lanes 1-2
10.99 & Quicker Lanes 1-2
Junior Dragster Lane 8
P/T & N/T - Street Tires Lane 3
P/T & N/T - Slick Prep Lane 4
P/T & N/T - Allstar Prep Lanes 5-6
P/T & N/T - Drag Radials Lanes 7-8
N/T - Motorcycles Left Side Lane 9
Regular Time-Motorcycles Right Side - Lane 9